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Huayang hand Ali released "AA wisdom"

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Recently, car modification services in Shenzhen International Exhibition (AAITF2015) on Huayang released new smart car machine "AA wisdom." It is reported that, "AA Chi" series of products to market in the first half of this year will be held. "AA wisdom" is ADAYO Huayang A1, A2 new smart car machine, which is equipped ADAUI system Huayang A1 (Huayang depth of customization Andrews), Huayang A2 equipped Ali YunOS-for-Car System.

Zou Hong Huayang General Manager of Product Management Product media exchanges at the meeting that the reason for the name "AA wisdom" because catchy pronunciation is more conducive to product promotion, help let A1, A2 is known more consumers .

Zou Hong, said: "'for car and health' principle holds ADAYO Huayang A1 to 'safer, more convenient and more intelligent' product concept to build, equipped ADAUI Andrews depth customization system, using a vehicle-specific chip us. Based on past research experience, through the audio features of digging, launched the S1 super sound. At the same time, from the user point of view of the product was more logic optimized to make use of the product features more convenient and practical, in line with the consumer habits. "


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